How to install Signal Desktop without owning a smart phone

When you want to install signal desktop but don’t own a smart phone you could run into some problems. Even if you link signal desktop to a smart phone of a friend, signal desktop gets deactivated when you remove the app of your friends phone. So here are the instructions to get around this problem.

What you need to install signal desktop

  • a phone with your sim card
  • a smart phone of a friend with android

Steps to install signal desktop

  1. Install Signal Dekstop on your computer:
  2. Install Android sandboxing app Island on your friends smart phone:
  3. Open Chrome web browser in Island sandbox.
  4. Download Signal apk and install it in Island:
  5. Activate Signal with your own phone number.
  6. Link the Island Signal app to Signal desktop.
  7. Cut the smart phone from internet connection – airplane mode.
  8. Go to settings in Island. Remove the sandox in which you installed Signal.
  9. Remove Island
  10. Done!

This works even if your friend already got Signal installed on his/her smart phone.

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